The Division Update 1.6 & Last Stand Expansion Detailed by Ubisoft

January 20, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


Releasing simultaneously on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, the third expansion for The Division, Last Stand, will include a new mode called Last Stand, as well as a new Incursion.

Unlike the Dark Zone, Last Stand is session-based and features clear objectives and win conditions, but you’ll also find familiar aspects such as PvE enemies and Landmarks. As Ubisoft explains, you’ll need to be level 30 to access Last Stand and each match can last a maximum of 20 minutes:

The Last Stand game mode offers session based player versus player combat in The Division, mixed with a strong PvE aspect, and a brand new way to experience the Dark Zone separate from the regular game. In it, two teams of eight players are fighting each other on an instanced map to control the aforementioned terminals, until one team has transferred enough information to win the match. When taking part in Last Stand, the game will always assume that your team are the Division agents while the enemy team will be seen as Rogues (note that they are just labeled as Rogue for lore reasons, as the actual Rogue mechanics do not apply in Last Stand). In other words, you will always be the good guy when playing Last Stand. When the match is over you can go straight back to the queue and don’t have to return to the main game to queue up again.

Each side of a Last Stand match is made up of eight players, divided into two teams of four players. You can queue up solo or together with up to three friends, but you won’t be able to queue up as an eight-man group. You need to be level 30 to play Last Stand.

The new progression system with Last Stand will be similar to Underground, letting you gain special experience points and gain Last Stand ranks, and you get rewarded with a sealed cache of items at each rank. You’ll also unlock exclusive vanity items at certain milestones.

You can learn more about Last Stand in Ubisoft’s latest Intelligence Annex.

A launch date for Last Stand will be announced soon. Season Pass holders will get it for free, while everyone else can purchase it separately.

At the same time as Last StandThe Division Update 1.6 will be released for free to all players. Along with expanding the Dark Zone with three new areas (Dark Zone 7-9) for Last Stand players, it will add contamination events to the Dark Zone, Dark Zone leaderboards, Legendary difficulty to three missions (Times Square, WarrenGate Power Plant, Napalm Production Site), Exotic items and new Gear Set, PvP and Gear Set balance changes, unlimited recalibration to items, a new currency for the in-game store and new items, and much more.

You can see the long list of changes with Update 1.6 over here.

Despite Last Stand being the final planned expansion for The Division, Ubisoft says, “Remember, Update 1.6 and Expansion III: Last Stand are not the end of The Division, and we’ll keep bringing you updates moving forward.”

The Division was the 3rd best-selling game of 2016 in the United States.

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