New Monster Hunter: World Gameplay Videos Detail the 14 Weapon Types

July 27, 2017Written by Jason Dunning

Monster Hunter World (5)

Capcom has brought out three new videos for Monster Hunter: World, each detailing the weapon types you’ll be able to choose from based on your playstyle. There’s 14 in total, and they can be changed mid-quest back at base camp.

The first video is all about Light Weapons and features the Sword & Shield (0:09), Dual Blades (0:40), Long Sword (1:11), and Light Bowgun (1:42):

Heavy Weapons is up next, where you’ll find the Great Sword (0:10), Hammer (0:42), Gunlance (1:39), and Heavy Bowgun (2:11):

Finally, Technical Weapons include the Switch Axe (0:11), Charge Blade (0:40), Insect Glaive (1:14), Hunting Horn (1:48), and Bow (2:21):

If you’d prefer individual videos for each weapon, follow the links below:

  • Bow – The bow is a ranged weapon that ran ram down an array of arrows upon monsters. Hunters can inflict various status ailments with arrow coatings.
  • Charge Blade – The charge blade can morph from a sword and shield combo into a high-powered axe. Energy stored in the sword and shield can be released through the axe.
  • Dual Blades – The dual blades can overwhelm monsters with a flurry of attacks. Demon Mode enables hunters to unleash a high-octane assault.
  • Great Sword – The great sword lacks in mobility, but can deliver devastating attacks. Its Charged Slashes can deal heavy damage to any monster.
  • Gunlance – The gunlance offers high offensive power thanks to its ability to fire shells. Its slew of shelling attacks can keep monsters at bay.
  • Hammer – The hammer is a blunt weapon used to smash monsters with powerful blows. Using it to bludgeon monsters over the head can stun them.
  • Heavy Bowgun – The heavy bowgun is capable of inflicting massive damage with its high-powered shots. Hunters can use powerful ammo types, such as Wyvernsnipe and Wyvernheart.
  • Hunting Horn – The hunting horn is an easy-to-handle support weapon with long reach. It can provide status buffs to the whole party with its melodies.
  • Insect Glaive – The insect glaive provides great mobility, enabling aerial attacks from all angles. Its Kinsect can harvest extract to provide various boosts.
  • Lance – The lance boasts strong offensive and defensive capabilities. It allows hunters to move around while keeping their guard up.
  • Light Bowgun – The light bowgun is a long-range weapon that specializes in high mobility and rapid fire. Unique ammo such as Wyvernblast is great for supporting allies.
  • Long Sword – The long sword is a nimble weapon capable of extended combos. Its Spirit Blade has the ability to raise its wielder’s attack power.
  • Switch Axe – The switch axe can transform between a long-reaching axe and a swift sword. The sword’s Element Discharge can deal massive damage.
  • Sword & Shield – The sword and shield is balanced, mobile, and great for beginners. It allows hunters to use items even with their weapon drawn.

Monster Hunter: World releases in early 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC version will follow at a later date.

[Source: Monster Hunter via Gematsu]