black ops 4 single player

Report: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Will Have No Single-Player Campaign, Battle Royale Mode in the Works

Battle Royale mode also in the works.

What Kratos needs

What Kratos Needs to Become Nathan Drake

As Kratos enters a different chapter of his tormented life, can he develop into a more rounded figure and possibly even take a leaf out of Nathan Drake’s book?

The Liar Princess and Blind Prince story trailer

New Story Narration Trailer for The Liar Princess and Blind Prince Published by Nippon Ichi

It’s like reading a voiced storybook.

Fate Extella Link Charlemagne gameplay

Marvelous Has Published the Official Fate/Extella Link Gameplay Trailer of Saber Charlemagne

Witness his Noble Phantasm, Joyeuse Ordre!

Code 51 release date

Code 51: Mech Arena is Fighting its Way to PSVR Later this Month

Destroy entire cities from the comfort of your own home.

PlayStation Store Global Update – April 17, 2018

Come see what’s new in the PlayStation Store

playstation interviews fortnite featured

PlayStation Blog Interviews Fortnite Design Lead Eric Williamson

The game wasn’t a massive hit overnight. I think success came after the fortnight, or something like that.

Yuppie Psycho trailer

Yuppie Psycho is Making its Way to a Console Near You

Odd characters, horrifying creatures, and office cubicles await.

custom god of war limited edition console

This Modded God of War Limited Edition Console is Simply Divine

The mod DOES NOT come with the awesome chant every time you turn it on. Which makes us sad.

spider man ps4 novel

Insomniac’s Spider-Man Getting Tie-In Prequel Novel and Art Book

Art book also announced!

sonic mania plus leaks

Did Sonic Mania Accidentally Update Showing Plus Leaks?!

Marketing ploy? Who knows? We’d feel blue if it was though.

E3 2018 Ubisoft

E3 2018: Ubisoft Announces Press Conference Date and Time

With so many games on the horizon, which ones are making the cut?

spider man ps4 peter parker

Peter Parker Will Already Be a College Graduate in Insomniac’s Spider-Man Game

Working as a scientist, but where?

New BioShock

Now Loading: The Next BioShock, What Setting Should It Have?

BioShock is good in any setting right?

warframe beasts of the sanctuary

Warframe Beasts of the Sanctuary Update Out in May on Consoles

New Warframe and new game mode!

psyvariar data info

Vertical Scrolling Madness is Coming to the PS4 with Psyvariar Delta

Bullet hell shooter fans unite!

monster hunter world title update kulve taroth

Capcom Releases Reigns on a New Monster: Introducing Kulve Taroth’s World

We really wish that we can get it’s head. It’s gonna be such a bad-ass shield.

dream match tennis vr psvr

Dream Match Tennis VR is Currently in Development

Angle your shots and be a real pro!

Ni no Kuni II Leafbook

Social Media in Games Enhances the Experience

You might prefer playing alone but these games encourage you to be social – in a good way.

PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store Sales in North America: Week of April 17, 2018

Come and get you some!