BRAWL Review Screen (2)

BRAWL PS4 Release Date Announced, Hitting Next Week

Only several days away!


Journey PS4 Version Launches This Summer, Runs at 1080p/60fps

A retail bundle will include FlOw and Flower.

Powers 8 revheader

Powers Ep. 8 Aha Shake Heartbreak Review – Awkward

And ill-fitting puzzle of interesting pieces.


Sony Says PS4 Update 2.51 Will be Available Today (Update)

But it’s not out yet.


Guaranteed Project CARS Release Date Announced, Check Out a PS4 Gameplay Video

Play it in under a month.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Goes Gold One Month Ahead of Launch

It was in development for three years.


Mortal Kombat X is the “Biggest Launch” in Mortal Kombat History

They “WILL” fix all the issues you’re experiencing.

MKX Xray

Mortal Kombat X Review – A New Generation of Fatality

Finish him!

Senran Kagura ESTIVAL VERSUS_20150407180004

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus Review – NSFW (PS4 Import)

I don’t even have to write anything here, do I?

Tales of Zestiria

Tales of Zestiria Trailer Speaks English, Points to Fall Release Date

What do you think of the voice acting?

Oddworld Abes Exoddus

Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus Getting a “Ground-Up Remake”

Hopefully more details coming soon!

Pipe Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Allows Players to Use Metal Pipe for Climbing, Killing, and More

Player will be able to dual-wield the pipe.


Disgaea 5 NA Box Art Unveiled, Release Date Not yet Official

Looks nice. Coming October or November?


Helldivers Update 1.04 Notes Revealed, to Allow DLC Packs to Be Shared Among Local Users

“improved cross-friends discoverability!” Woo!

Middle-earthâ„¢: Shadow of Mordorâ„¢_20140923180750

ESA Report Shows Digital Games Being Purchased More Than Physical Ones

Also, find out which game genre is the most popular!


The VOTE: Mortal Kombat! Scorpion or Sub-Zero?



Zenimax “Pretty Confident” Elder Scrolls Online Frame Rate Will Run at 30fps for Both PS4 and Xbox One

30fps said to be the “standard” for current-gen.


Star Wars Battlefront Reveal on Friday to Be Live-Streamed

Official Battlefront panel description has been released as well.


Select GameStop Stores to Begin Accepting Retro Console & Game Trades This Month, Going Back to the NES

They hope for a national rollout later this year.


Destiny Update 1.1.2 Reveals House of Wolves Info, Contains Awesome Audio Easter Egg

There’s a sleek jukebox hidden somewhere!