siren blood curse

Siren: Blood Curse Episodes 1-12 Rated by Korean Board

PS4 remaster inbound?


Here’s the Dragon Quest Heroes II Opening Video

Comes out in Japan soon.


Watch 10 Minutes Hard Reset Redux Gameplay Right Now

No level grinding or multiplayer, just all action.


Rubbin’ Some Boobs!

Vita touchscreen justified.

Homefront The Revolution Info

Homefront: The Revolution Ranges From 15fps – 30fps on PS4 & Xbox One, According to Analysis

Auto-saving causes frequent drops to 0fps that last a few seconds.


Rocket League Adding Post-Game Highlights This June

Stat titles will be added, too!


Nioh Demo Downloaded Over 850,000 Times, Team Ninja Reveals Planned Changes for Full Game

North American and European gamers didn’t mind the difficulty too much.


Battleborn Double XP Weekend Starts May 20, Alani Available Later This Month

Played in the open beta on PS4? You get Alani next week!


Dark Souls 3 Update 1.07 Today Improves Password Matching Rate, Fixes Flaws

The servers will be down for a couple of hours to prepare for it.

Overwatch 08 555x328

Here’s When the Overwatch Servers Go Live in Your Region on May 23 or 24

They’ve “worked hard to provide the best launch experience for all players.”

Help Desk 555x328

PSLS Help Desk – How to Clean Your PS4

Clean your PS4’s fan, HDD bay and more!


Prison Architect Breaks Out on June 28 for PS4, Xbox One & Xbox 360

Pre-order to receive $10 worth of DLC for free.


Soul Axiom Releases on June 7 for PS4 & Xbox One, PS+ Members Save 25% at Launch

Everyone saves 10% at launch.


Gran Turismo Sport Gets a Gameplay Trailer, Full PlayStation VR Support Planned for Launch

Limited Edition detailed; a beta isn’t happening.

Homefront: The Revolution Review – Stymied Revolt (PS4)

A cool concept like the last game, but little else.


Now Loading…Should There Be an Uncharted 5?

Uncharted 5?


Grand Theft Auto V Hits 65 Million Shipped, Rockstar Is the #1 PS2 Games on PS4 Publisher

GTA Online continues to exceed expectations.


Time Machine VR Set for 2016 Launch on PlayStation VR

It’s out today on Rift and Vive.