PSP… Potential thats ready to explode

Since reading the news that PSP sales have increased 85%, I started to do a lot of thinking about the Sony PSP…  Here are some things everyone should be thinking about, and may just tip the scales toward you making that purchase of a new shiny PSP.

The PSP was ahead of its time, and is coming into a renaissance.

The PSP has proven to be a different beast than the DS.  The DS, like the Wii, is geared mostly to casual gamers, who like the pick up and play quick type games.  That is what has made the DS shine.  While the PSP has recently started to shine in the wake of very deep, time intensive games more on scale with the PS2 games of the past, while dropping the push for casual games.

This all started with the recent major hits being released such as Monster Hunter 2, FF Tactics, Patapon, GOW, and Crisis Core.  There was only few titles as deep and as epic as those games the first 3 years, and all of those hits have been in the last 3-6 months.

I originally thought the PSP was going to be dead weight… After GTA:stories was released, I was actually disappointed in the quality of the 2 games, and thought that was the peak of PSP development.

But after what I witnessed recently with the quality of the above mentioned games, I see that this is probably about the halfway point on the PSP and it has about 3 years left, and those 3 years will be much stronger than the first 3.

So much added functionality such as skype, GPS, etc, and so many more potential functions.  On top of quality games….

The PSP is sure to see much much more success.

Remote play is great and I can see so much more being done with it…  With update 2.2o on the PS3, you can now output the audio through your PS3, while using the PSP as a screen, thus turning the PSP into a wireless remote, where you dont even have to be in the same room to cho0se songs.    You can play a few PSN games via remote play, you can play PSOne games via remote play, and even a PS3 game.

There is also the amazing potential of the integration of the PlayStation Network into the PSP, and not just the PC version.  Sony has already announced that the PSP will get its own PS Store.  Along with the PS Store redisign and the rumored music and movie download.  This would help improve the PSP’s use as a media player.

With the recent sighting of a PSP-3000, one would assume, that we might see an even slimmer PSP, with built in flash memory.  Who knows what other features could be added.

The PSP truly is the swiss army knife of the gaming industry.