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Confronting Socom: Confrontation

April 27, 2008Written by Azariah Ellington II

Socom: Confrontation is a highly anticipated title that is being developed by Slant Six. The game has already been featured in EGM and now there has been some exclusive footage shown on the 1Up show. The footage is of the pre-alpha build, but I must say that even that has me looking forward to the completed version.

Sony’s approach with this title has been quite different than it has been with other titles. Socom: Confrontation has its own blog that allows visitors to interact with the developers. There are features such as “Gun of the Week” and the company even announced how to become a part of the closed beta. Yes, you can become a part of the closed beta. I hope to see this approach given to other Sony titles as well.

Slant Six stresses that they are attempting to look to Socom 1 and 2 for gameplay while adding new elements as well. I hope that the Six Axis cover system that will be in this title will be implented in all upcoming FPS. (Developers really shouldn’t ignore what can be done with the Six Axis). There will also be destructable elements in the game. This will definitely have an effect on gameplay.

Look for Socom: Confrontation to be released September 16, 2008. The title will be availabe on both the PS Store and retail. There will be a retail “premium” ala Warhawk. I personally can’t wait for September. Will I be confronting you in Socom?