This Week’s Blu-Cast

This is the first of our many updates on Blu-Ray releases. I told you a while ago that we would be keeping you up to date with Blu-Ray developments, announcements, and releases. Instead of jumping right into that, we decided to focus our efforts in other areas first. (Forums, team growth, and such). Here are the Releases for the week of May 25th.

Release date
Rambo May 27, 2008
Rambo 1-3 Box Set May 27, 2008
Rambo III May 27, 2008
The Air I Breathe May 27, 2008
Dragon Tiger Gate May 27, 2008
Strauss II: Die Fledermaus (The Bat) May 27, 2008

I suggest picking up the DBZ title. I’m an avid anime fan, so DBZ things typically get my vote of approval. I’m considering picking up the Rambo box set. I’m sure the Rambo fans will get it. I’m not guaranteeing that I will. DBZ will be in my house this week though.

I do the majority of my shopping on Amazon, so the movies have the hyperlink to the Amazon page where you can make the purchase. Hey, why not make it simple for you all. Enjoy

Thanks for reading