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PS4 Games to Look Forward to in Q3 2018 – Spider-Man, Spyro, Destiny 2: Forsaken, and More

Are you getting anything over the next three months?

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The Big List of Q3 2018 PS4 Release Dates – Every PS4 Game Releasing in July, August, and September

The quarter ahead of the holiday rush.

Japan’s PlayStation (PS3, PS4, PS Vita) Game Releases – June 2015

Hotline Miami physical release, in double pack form.

Japan’s PlayStation Game Releases (PS3, PS4, Vita, PSP) July 2014

Shallie sells specials by the seafood store.

This Week in Blu – Week of November 1st, 2010

This week in Blu: Flying cars are all the rage, Buzz and Woody fight back against tyrannical children, Connor MacLeod tries not to lose his head and if you find yourself crossing a bridge with a group of soldiers whistling…run.

Kazunori: “The [GT5] Discs Are Being Stamped As We Speak”

Finally. Gran Turismo 5 has had quite the long and arduous journey going from mere conception to realization as “The Ultimate Driving Simulator,” but that day finally looks like it’ll happen soon.

Abominations to Invade Splatterhouse This November

Are you a fan of gory games? Do you get excited when slaughtering limitless waves of minions with a wide variety of weapons? If so, Splatterhouse might be just the game for you, and you’re in luck as a release date has been announced.

Free Realms “Definitely” Coming to PS3 After Mac Support

Since its conception, Sony Online Entertainment has promised the release of theRead the full article…

Final Fantasy Agito XIII Halfway through Summon

It has been a long wait for many of us since the announcement of Agito XIII for the PSP and we are happy to report that the game is almost halfway done! So while the wait continues for many of us, it feels a bit better to find out we are getting closer to an eventual release.

What’s New on Blu – Week of 8/30/10

Vampires, Anarchists, News Reporters and Sharks are vying for your hard earned dollars this week. Someone gets “Caught Stealing”, Alice goes Steelbook, and LL Cool J will more than likely tell you “Don’t Call it a comeback”. Let’s take a look at the releases for 8/30/10.

Square Enix Plans to Quick-Summon Final Fantasy XV

After five years of development time, Final Fantasy XIII released as whatRead the full article…

Resistance 3 Will See 2011, But Not PAX

Resistance 3 was announced only days ago during the European gamescom conference.Read the full article…

Castlevania: Lord of Shadow Arrives Way Before Halloween

Castlevania: Lord of Shadow is the high-def reboot of the decades old franchise. With this iteration being specifically designed by the legendary Hideo Kojima, it has definitely got plenty of attention so far. And it seems that Konami has just confirmed the released date at gamescom.

Get Ready to Party with DJ Hero 2 this October

DJ Hero 2 has had a late 2010 release date planned sinceRead the full article…

Zombie Outbreak Ready to Attack Black Ops

One of the key addition’s to Treyarch’s Call of Duty World atRead the full article…

Rage Post-Apocalyptic Release Date Announced

Id Software had a very impressive showing at E3 this year withRead the full article…

Crysis 2 Invasion to Begin in March 2011

So far 2010 has seen fewer first-person shooters when compared to recentRead the full article…

Crytek’s Crysis 2 Stumbles Into 2011

Crytek’s sci-fi shooter, Crysis 2 is posed to bring the FPS genreRead the full article…

H.A.W.X 2 is Clear for Takeoff

Just yesterday Ubisoft decided to officially announce the release date for theRead the full article…