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26 Normal Tokyo Game Show Pictures, but Also Six of Me With an Emo Love Ninja

How to stab me in the heart, both figuratively and literally.

Golden Garbage: Ni no Kuni II Has a Money Problem

Or, more specifically, “Mo money, mo problems.”

Help! I Read Game News While Watching Game of Thrones and Can’t Tell Which is Which

War, boobs, dragons, and I don’t even know what’s real anymore.

More Summer Lesson Is Coming

And so am I!

5 Best PS4, Vita, PSVR Games of Bitsummit 2017

Local co-op, the spirit of Castlevania, and dystopian bartending on your favorite PlayStation systems.

Bitsummit: Stifled Preview – Walk Softly (PSVR)

Softer. No, softer than that. I said SOFT…crap, now they’re after us. Thanks, Gary. Thanks for getting us killed.

Super Rude Bear Resurrection Interview: Satisfying Investors, Refusing to Release Buggy Games & the Immense Stress of Game Dev

Watch me begin an interview by telling a game developer “You really look like hell.”

Bitsummit: Paper Garden Preview – Relaxing Fun (VR)

I’m not even the biggest VR fan in the world, but I absolutely loved this.

You’d Better Go Hard in the Paint, Son

Make me proud.

I Can Clearly Not Predict the Switch Sales in Front of (Wii) U!

A battle of wits!?

You Guys, I Just Bought a Nintendo Switch (Unboxing Video)

I held out as long as I could.

F*** That, I Ain’t Buying No Switch

No way, no how. I can not follow this website’s master plan.

PSLS Becomes NSLS (Nintendo Switch LifeStyle)

Evolve or die, they say.

Guitar Hero Hero Announced

Amazing! A game about being good at games!

6 Vita Games That Made Me Cry

It feels like I’ve seen them somewhere before though. Or that some aren’t even…real?

NA, EU Finally Get Deemo: Last Recital

Vita game launched in 2015 but avoided the western release.

PS4’s Semispheres Is Not Ass

Describing puzzle games is hard, even when they’re really good.

Letter of Gratitude, Cease & Desist for Vocal Non-Digital Gamer Who Honestly Does Need to STFU

He’s a great guy who helps local businesses and also needs to put a sock in it.

I Have No Idea How Donald Trump’s Presidency Will Affect Gaming, But Have to Write About It or I’ll Get Fired

I guess I’ll just make some stuff up.

Tragic Personal Loss: I No Longer Want to T-Bag Noobass Mofos

A very profane tale of personal loss.