Help! I Read Game News While Watching Game of Thrones and Can’t Tell Which is Which

Folks, your boy HH is in some real trouble this time! In the name of House PSLS, I often read Japanese game news and closely follow the industry, but this weekend, I couldn’t resist turning on the TV to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones while I did so. Now, I can’t remember which was which.

I thought it’d be easy to tell the difference between game screenshots and images of HBO’s sextacular fantasy drama series (even from Telltale’s mediocre game about that series), or at the very least to separate reality from fiction…but then I realized that of the game industry contacts I initiated today, I’ve sent five emails and nine ravens.

I’m looking at these screens I saved and I have no clue what’s going on in them.

If you can help me out in the comments here, I’d really appreciate it. But please also mark your spoilers, because some of our readers might not yet know that Katsuragi is the three-legged raven and Davos Seaworth has amazing jiggle physics. Or wait, I may have messed that up.