More Summer Lesson Is Coming

Download start! Similar to myself, Bandai Namco’s Summer Lesson DLC will soon come on my PS4. More specifically, it’s coming on the PlayStation VR. Called Summer Lesson: Allison Snow Seven Days Garden, this new content lets the blonde-haired soft-talking Allison come on some conversational meetings with you.

The better news is that Summer Lesson is not done coming. Unlike some games whose DLC comes once and then is done, Bandai Namco has said that this new DLC is not the last; it will — like me — keep coming and coming. Allison can entertain you for about 3,000 yen (close to $30 USD).

PSVR conversation simulator Summer Lesson originally came all over Japan, but now, gamers on other Asian island nations as well as the mainland can see what it feels like to have this game come.

To them.

The game’s PS4 bundle comes with a cloth — and incidentally, so do I.

Technically, Summer Lesson isn’t planned to come anywhere in North America, but you can make it come another way, with an import. The Asian version has English support, so the PS4’s region free software makes the world your comeground.

I definitely don’t regret blowing a huge load on this one!

…Of cash!


…Among other things!