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26 Normal Tokyo Game Show Pictures, but Also Six of Me With an Emo Love Ninja

Welp, this was a couple of weeks ago (hey, some of us have jobs), but here are my pictures from the 2017 Toyko Game Show. Most of them are the kind of thing you’d expect, but this year I also ran into a love ninja who was kind of emo and stuff. That was in the romance games area.

For a few laughs, and to understand more about the event, check out my Tokyo Game Show pictures in the gallery below:

The role-playing in the romance area wasn’t exactly the kabe-don you may have read about a couple of years ago, but it was… more intense than I had expected it to be.

Voltage, the company that put me into the scenario also had a VR wedding, but I didn’t try that one. The line was long, and the people waiting for it looked so hopeful. I knew that getting in line would mean someone wouldn’t get to try out that virtual wedding, and would have just wasted their time. Curious as I was, I couldn’t put someone through that. I mean, I’ve done enough disappointing people at weddings am I right!? Ooooohhhhhh!


Hey, wait….