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F*** That, I Ain’t Buying No Switch

I have a job to do, y’all: knowing and writing about all the games within this website’s coverage umbrella. With the recent change from PSLS to NSLS, I find myself in a tough spot though. I’m used to being paid very well for high review scores and given all the cool bonuses I ask for, free.  With our switch shift in agenda, will that continue? My money piles and I can’t be sure.

I’m now in a position where I might have to spend money to make money. Since the Switch is already out and the freebie consoles are surely all handed out, and all the  high review score checks (cheques in Canada) have been cashed, I might have to shell out like $500 to get a Switch and bunch of games, when I’m used to receiving that just for saying “solid” and “____ of the year” and “period” in an article.

I won’t miss Sony’s mandatory minimum $10,000 penalty for every time I say “Vita” though.

Good riddance to that!