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PSLS Becomes NSLS (Nintendo Switch LifeStyle)

Well you guys it’s been fun, but we’ve hit rock bottom here at PlayStation Lifestyle. “The times, they are a-changin’,” a Nobel Prize winner once said. It’s with a heavy heart and no real authority in this website’s business decisions that I inform you that PSLS will soon change to NSLS, Nintendo Switch LifeStyle.

Have you played that Breath of Zelda game? It’s the bomb, hybrid consoles are the bomb, and the game industry has taught me that knee-jerk reactions are the only acceptable types of reactions. We must therefore slash and burn anything that is not the newest and hottest thing, the way Square Enix killed half the things people loved about its old RPGs and then acted surprised when people liked Bravely Default. Right?

That’s what we’re doing here and now. Slashing and burning.

And also not covering anything for a while, because up soon it’s pretty much just Mario Kart and then nothing else till fall, I think? I don’t actually know much about the Switch, so like…

Aw shit.