Kazunori: “The [GT5] Discs Are Being Stamped As We Speak”

Finally. Gran Turismo 5 has had quite the long and arduous journey going from mere conception to realization as “The Ultimate Driving Simulator,” but that day finally looks like it’ll happen soon.

At the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Auto Show earlier today, Gran Turismo guru Kazunori Yamauchi answered the question that was on everyone’s mind. After never having a specific release date, to being pushed back to later in the year, to having a concrete release date and then being delayed yet again, GT5 will be done soon. For real! Auto blog Jalopnik broke the awkward silence and got the answer, despite how vague it actually is.

“The discs are being stamped as we speak.”

Good news for us. Even Sony Computer Entertainment of America wasn’t briefed on the delay until after it happened, so they’ll hopefully get it to market as soon as possible. As long as it’s perfect, because we know that Yamauchi doesn’t want to ship a product that doesn’t deliver on it’s promises. Let’s just hope that it does when it finally hits stores by the end of the year.