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Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Developer Discusses the Game’s Origins

A cute legend in the making.

Everybody’s Golf VR Will Make Virtual Golf More Immersive

The next generation of golf games.

Gravity Rush 2 Servers

Gravity Rush 2 Fans May Have Lost Battle for Servers to Stay Online

Nooooo… fight everyone, fight!

Gravity Rush 2 Servers still shutting down

Gravity Rush 2 Fans Still Fighting for Servers to Stay Online

Those who want to fight the fight #DontForgetGravityRush.  

gravity rush 2 servers

Gravity Rush 2 Severs Shutting Down Next Month

Collect your tokens now before it’s too late.

ps5 release date

A Brand New Sony Japan Trademark was Discovered for Something Called RaySpace

Who knows what this could be?

No Heroes Allowed! VR Review – It’s Fun to Become the Bad Guy (PSVR)

Features a wealth of deep-cut game references.

PSLS Exclusive – Knack 2 Composer Anthony Willis Releases Three Songs From the Soundtrack

Listen to three songs from Knack 2.

Spoiler Alert: Knack 2 Ending – Final Boss and Cinematic

A three part story, like an epic trilogy.

Things to Know Before You Start Knack 2

Remember to use Knack’s new arsenal of moves.

Knack 2 Review – A Knack For Improvement (PS4)

The studio has a knack for fun.

E3 2017 – Knack 2 Hands-On Preview With Mark Cerny (PS4)

Shaping up to address all criticisms from the first.

Gravity Rush 2 NieR: Automata 2B Costume DLC Releasing on May 5

Kat x 2B!

Gravity RUsh 2 online

Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture Animated Film Bridges Gap for the Sequel

Yep, in the games own dialect.

PSX 2016 – LocoRoco Preview – Rolling Around (PS4)

Can you take this much cuteness in 4K?

The Last Guardian Has Indeed Gone Gold, Confirms Shuhei Yoshida

Shu wanted to make the announcement himself, it seems.

Check Out Gravity Rush 2’s TGS 2016 Concert and Gameplay

The music is great!

The Tomorrow Children Review – Marxism Works (PS4)

For the good of the Motherland!

Gravity Rush 2 Gets a November 30 Release Date in Europe, December 2 in North America

An anime is on the way!

Gravity Rush 2 Features a Big World and Over 50 Side Stories

We’ll get to see Kat’s person growth.