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parappa the rapper playstation classic 1

The PlayStation Classics: PaRappa the Rapper

I gotta believe.

sony games 2019

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan’s Unannounced Title Will Debut in 2019

Says Teruyuki Toriyama (Astro Bot, Bloodborne, Déraciné).

deracine review

Déraciné Review – Out of Body Experience (PSVR)

But seriously, I wanted to pet that dog.

deracine vr experience

Déraciné Director Hopes the Game Has a Lasting Impact on Players

Hopefully, it lingers on.

deracine launch trailer

Watch as Time Stands Still in Déraciné’s Launch Trailer

There’s a faerie afoot.

deracine vr experience

FromSoftware and Japan Studio Explain What Makes Déraciné a Unique VR Experience

The game’s overall presentation plays a big part.

knack 2 bafta

Knack 2 and Everybody’s Golf Nominated for BAFTA Children’s Award

All hail Knack 2.

everybody's golf vr release

Everybody’s Golf VR Swings Its Way into 2019

It’s golf! In VR!

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Demo

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Is Getting a Free Demo

Jump on this deal next week.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Developer Discusses the Game’s Origins

A cute legend in the making.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Gameplay

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Launch Trailer Focuses on Teamwork in Whimsical Worlds

See what you and Astro are in for.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Trophy List

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Trophy List Includes Both Obvious and Subtle Challenges

What can you earn in this PSVR platformer?

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Gameplay

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Dev Breaks Down Its Level Design

Taking the leap in VR.

Deracine Release Date

Déraciné Will Tell PSVR Owners a Story in November 2018

Become a faerie in VR this fall.

Everybody’s Golf VR Will Make Virtual Golf More Immersive

The next generation of golf games.

monkey king game announced

Monkey King: Hero is Back Coming to PlayStation 4 in 2019

A very rare Western release of a Chinese-developed game.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Release Date

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Puts Adorable Platforming in 360 Degree VR

It’s like playing a Pixar movie.

Gravity Rush 2 Servers

Gravity Rush 2 Fans May Have Lost Battle for Servers to Stay Online

Nooooo… fight everyone, fight!

Gravity Rush 2 Servers still shutting down

Gravity Rush 2 Fans Still Fighting for Servers to Stay Online

Those who want to fight the fight #DontForgetGravityRush.  

Japanese PS4 Commercial is cool and weird

Watch a Brand New Weird-ass Japanese PS4 Commercial

Delightfully insane.