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Anthem vip demo

Try Anthem Early With a January 25th VIP Demo

The demo is scheduled to end on January 27, 2019.

the outer worlds gameplay

Get a Look at The Outer Worlds Dialogue Choices

It’s almost as if BioShock and Borderlands had a baby.

anthem story trailer

An Intimidating New Enemy Debuts in Anthem’s Latest Story Trailer

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

mortal kombat 11 custom character

Mortal Kombat 11’s Custom Character Variation System Will Give Players Creative Control

More details should surface during the January 2019 event.

street fighter 5 free trial

Capcom Announces Free Street Fighter V Trial for December 11th-December 18th

Just in time for Capcom Cup 2018.

left alive stream

Learn About Left Alive’s Story, Gameplay, and Setting in a December 12th Stream

During the livestream, we’ll learn lots about the game.

resident evil film reboot

47 Meters Down Director Tapped to Write and Direct Resident Evil Film Reboot

There’s still no word on when the film will potentially hit theaters.

shadow of the tomb raider trial

Get a Good Start With a Free Shadow of the Tomb Raider Demo

Play through The Day of the Dead section.

kojima game awards 2018

Hideo Kojima Supposedly Won’t Attend The Game Awards 2018

But will more of Death Stranding be shown off?

far cry announcement

Ubisoft May Announce a Post-Apocalyptic Far Cry Spinoff During The Game Awards 2018

A ruined surprise, indeed.

nier automata sales

Over 3.5 Million Copies of NieR: Automata Were Sold

This number includes sales across the PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

quantic dream collection

Get Three Quantic Dream Classics in One Quantic Dream Collection Bundle

Pick up the collection for $39.99.

fortnite creative mode

Fortnite’s Sandbox Mode, Creative Mode, Leaks Ahead of Official Unveiling

The mode will supposedly launch very soon.

control oldest house

Get a Closer Look at Control’s Oldest House

There’s still more to see of Control’s mysterious setting.

bloodborne easter egg

Miyazaki Says Bloodborne Easter Egg in Déraciné Is Not a Bloodborne 2 Tease

The Easter Egg was simply an Easter Egg.

rage 2 trailer

Get a Better Look at Rage 2 at The Game Awards 2018

Rage 2 deserves a nod in the non-existent Post-Post-Apocalyptic Western category.

red dead online economy

Rockstar Promises It Will Fix Red Dead Online’s In-Game Economy

Fixes for “persistent bugs” are also on the way.

just cause 4 launch trailer

See Just Cause 4’s Rico as King of the Skies and Road in His Wingsuit and Sports Car

Rico’s next adventure is nearly upon us.

battlefield 5 overture

Are You Ready to See More of Battlefield V’s The Last Tiger War Story?

Meet Peter Müller.

resident evil 2 remake file size

The Resident Evil 2 Remake’s File Size Weighs in at Just Over 21GB

It will require slightly more space than Resident Evil 7.