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Starting December 1st Square Enix Will Offer a Permanent Work-from-Home Option for Staff

Due to the pandemic, Square Enix presently allows employees on executive and staff levels to work-from-home. In June, the publisher conducted a survey, asking workers about their thoughts on the temporary working conditions. A whopping 80 percent viewed the current arrangement positively. As such, Square Enix plans to give its employees permanent options in this regard. Starting December 1st, the publisher’s employees will have a choice as to whether they work-from-home or in-office on a more consistent basis.

The new program will no longer center on preventing infection. Work-from-home is to instead become a “core program among the working styles [Square Enix] accommodates,” the company noted in a press release. In pursuit of this new endeavor, Square Enix hopes to encourage a more flexible working environment, one that boosts productivity and better positions staff to “achieve the optimal work-life balance.”

The business should benefit from the program, too. Notably, Square Enix will get to recruit a wider variety of human resources. Plus, with more employees working from home, the organization will be better equipped to adapt to sudden changes caused by future disasters and the like.

All in all, Square Enix’s “Work-from-home Program” boasts “home-based” and “office-based” models. The former model generally applies to all eligible employees. Meanwhile, division heads will appoint positions or individuals in the “office-based” model, depending on the nature of the work at hand.

“Home-based” employees should work an average of three days a week from home. The “office-based” model will see staff working on-site for a similar three-day average every week. Interestingly, these decisions are themselves rather flexible. Once the program starts on December 1st, employees can switch statuses on a monthly basis according to the intensity of their workload.

[Source: Square Enix]