Character Creator in Demon’s Souls Boasts Up to 16 Million Permutations; First Photo Mode Details Shared

With a week to go before the launch of Demon’s Souls, Bluepoint and Sony have taken it upon themselves to shed light on the reworked Character Creator. First and foremost, the creation tools are much more robust this time around, with up to 16 million permutations confirmed. And players will get to show off their creations in the title’s all-new Photo Mode, which is sure to be a hit with the upcoming remake.

In a PlayStation Blog post, Sony XDev Creative Director Gavin Moore outlined just what players can expect from Demon’s Souls‘ Character Creator. According to Moore, “you will be able to customize your appearance with up to 16 million permutations.” Such extraordinary detail is made possible by the sheer level of variety in combinations and the sliders that players can tinker with.

Photo Mode will boast all of the expected features, such as camera settings, zooming in and out, adding film grain, blurring out friends, etc. Bluepoint and Sony added a few other essentials to the mix, as well. For example, players may want to hide their character’s helmet or remove certain weapons to capture the perfect shot. Demon’s Souls‘ Photo Mode allows for just that. Changing character poses and expressions will serve as yet another possibility.

Not all features are exclusive to Photo Mode, either. Even during regular gameplay, users will have the option to take advantage of filters. One filter in particular is sure to excite many a classic Demon’s Souls fan. Said filter, according to Moore, has been designed to adjust brightness, color, and contrast levels in a way that resembles the look of the original PlayStation 3 adventure.

Get a closer look at the Character Creator and Photo Mode in the gallery below:

Bluepoint’s eagerly-anticipated Demon’s Souls remake hits PlayStation 5 in just one week’s time on November 12th.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]