Resistance 3 Will See 2011, But Not PAX

Resistance 3 was announced only days ago during the European gamescom conference. Although a 2011 release date was hinted, many have been disappointed by delays including Final Fantasy Versus XIII being pushed into 2012. However, Insomniac is dead-set on a release date of next year.

Insomniac has confirmed the release date for the recently announced Resistance 3. The following was posted on the official Twitter account of Insomniac Games:

Resistance 3 is a 2011 release

Insomniac also added the following:

For you folks wondering what’s next in terms of Resistance 3: Stay tuned. We won’t be revealing anything at PAX, but more to come.

A 2011 release date was assumed by many but it’s good to see that it’s now set in stone. Although the lack of Resistance information at PAX is diappointing, Sony has several more unannounced titles, so there’s plenty to chew on for now. Next year is looking like another great year for gamers with tons of high-quality titles including what will be a first-person shooter onslaught with Killzone 3 and now Resistance 3.