Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Arrive Later Rather than Sooner

August 25, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series has always contained the same characteristics that make it special. The main characters have always had bizarre hair styles, weird names, and have always, ALWAYS had to save their world from impending doom because of some crazy, evil nutjob who wants to ruin everyone’s day. Something else a majority of them have in common is delays. We waited over five years for Final Fantasy XIII, and the next release for the series was recently delayed on the PS3 platform. Final Fantasy fans, it seems like your wait for Versus XIII isn’t only going to extend into next year, but it looks like 2012 might be the earliest we’ll be seeing this exclusive beast.

Although it has been ‘confirmed’ that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will make a splash next month at the Tokyo Game Show, Yoshinori Kitase, Producer for the game, wasn’t too optimistic about a 2011 release. At. All.

We have no release date information to update. Unfortunately we can’t say anything about that. We can’t commit ourselves to 2011 either.

If for some reason you had Versus XIII on your Top 10 list for 2011, It might be best to erase it and add something else.

While details for Final Fantasy Versus XIII have been scare, we do have a decent amount of details and screenshots for you to check out. If Square Enix keeps their word , then we should have mountains of details, screens, and hopefully a trailer or two come Tokyo Game show time next month.