Final Fantasy Versus XIII Director Talks Details

August 9, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Since being announced at E3 2006, we still know very little about Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Sure, we know the name of the main character, Noctis and we also know that gameplay will be similar to that of the Kingdom Hearts series, seeing as Director Tetsuya Nomura  has directed the entire Kingdom Hearts series so far. We also know that the story is finalized, which is always nice to hear (it should be!) and some small, various random facts about the game. Good news though, Mr. Nomura has opened up and revealed some details…but there’s some good news and some bad news for those waiting patiently for the PS3 exclusive action-adventure RPG.

First, the bad news. Thanks to the almighty news machine that is Twitter, Noruma-san summoned some details… and they certainly aren’t what you want to hear.

“Versus has had many difficulties, and past method of production have been completely inapplicable, but these are the difficulties of birth, so we are working hard.”

Perhaps he’s referring to the difficulties of developing for the PS3? You’d think by now Square Enix would know what they’re doing with having FF XIII under their belt. Nomura-san also talked a bit about the ‘world map’, trying to clear confusion screenshots might have made.

“There have been many questions regarding fields. It’s not a completely open world. It’s like the 2D FF games in HD. Although, in terms of looks, it’s not a top-down view, it’s like the screenshots that have been released. You’ll move through the world from that view.”

If you’re wondering what screenshots he’s talking about, check out the beauties here. Finally a bit of good news. The game is far enough along that voice actors are being cast.

“Agito and Versus have different production styles and progress states, but they’re both presently undergoing voice casting. 3rd Birthday’s recording will end shortly. Next up is Agito.”

Square Enix claims that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will ‘make a splash’ at Tokyo Game Show 2010, which is why they don’t plan on showing it at Gamescom next week. We here at PlayStation just don’t hope that ‘splash’ is that Versus XIII will be hitting the 360 also.

When any details, big or small, come down the line regarding Final Fantasy Versus XIII, you better believe PlayStation LifeStyle will let you know all about them!