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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Story Is ‘Finalized’

Already, four years have passed since Square Enix stunned the world with their first announcement of Final Fantasy Versus XIII through a captivating and mysterious trailer.  However, this year at E3, we were again stunned again to find no more information on the action role-playing title.  Thankfully, we recently heard a bit more to provide you with an update.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII (FFvsXIII) director, Tetsuya Nomura, let the word out in his latest interview that the storyline is complete, as well as the characters and their Roen designer outfits.  Square Enix producer, Yoshinori Kitase, stated last month that the game was progressing well:

“We plan on showing it at the appropriate time. We have the FFXIII localisation and FFXIV, so I believe it will come after that.”

We also know that Square Enix’s big reveal on this title will be at the Tokyo Game Show this year, which is currently scheduled for September 2010.

FFvsXIII will be a much darker game than any of the previous installments of the franchise.  The gameplay will be similar to the mechanics of the memorable Kingdom Heart series, mixed in with a few third-person shooter mechanics.  We’ll learn more how this ties in to the complete package as we get closer to the Tokyo Game Show.