Tokyo Game Show Readies Blade for FF Versus XIII Announcements

Sony had a memorable E3 showing this year with both surprises and tons to look forward to for a wide-range of audiences. However, many have wondered why big titles such as Agent, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and The Last Guardian made no appearance despite being announced last year. Well, it looks like at least one of the aforementioned titles will be making its presence later this year at the Tokyo Game Show.

Adriasang have gotten their hands on the new issue of Famitsu and according to them, some great new Final Fantasy Versus XIII details have been released. The details include screenshots, an interview with Tetsuya Nomura and even confirmation that the game will make a big splash at TGS 2010 later this year. Some of the interesting new details include the following:

  • The game’s cloud effects use real physics calculations
  • The world is an open field, and you can go everywhere except for the mountains
  • The battles are seamless
  • The game’s encounter system is both random and symbol-based
  • The game’s world is mostly seamless, although there are some load points when you switch between the massive areas.
  • You can destroy objects that you find on the road.
  • The quality of the combat scenes is so high that people will not be able to believe it when they first see it.
  • Looks like Sony still has plenty of games on the horizon for gamers to chew on. Final Fantasy Versus XIII has remained a largely ambiguous title with very few details being revealed since its announcement over a year ago. New screenshots should be available in the forthcoming days as we anxiously wait for the announcement of information during the Tokyo Game Show in September.