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Sony Unsure on More The Last Guardian Details

Seeing as it’s undoubtedly one of Sony’s biggest exclusives, it was certainly a surprise that Team Ico’s The Last Guardian did not show up at Sony’s recent E3 press conference. Sony are now unsure of when the game will be shown to the masses.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive not making an appearing at Sony’s E3 presser led to the question of when exactly it will be shown. Sony Europe boss, Andrew House, recently spoke to Eurogamer answering the question of whether the title would show up GamesCom event during August or Tokyo Game Show during September:

I couldn’t say right now. Having spent six years working in Japan, I can guarantee you people will be hard at work, all hours of the night and day. I have not seen it recently, other than what’s been shown publicly.

The absence of the game at Sony’s conference must of raised a few questions and when asked why he thought the game didn’t show at Sony’s E3 conference:

I think the team just made a decision that they didn’t want to talk about the progress on the game or reveal it at this particular stage, and we have to respect that.

The Last Guardian was officially unveiled during last year’s E3 and since then not much is known about the Team Ico’s project.