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spider man ps4 price drop

Detroit: Become Human and Marvel’s Spider-Man Get Permanent Price Drops

Both are more than worth a try at their new respective price points.

marvel's spider-man fantastic four

Marvel’s Spider-Man Adds Two Fantastic Four Suits for Free

Bombastic Bag-Man is going to make cutscenes so much more entertaining.

marvel's spider-man into the spider-verse suit

This Into the Spider-Verse Suit Concept for Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Perfect

The suit power just plays “Sunflower” on repeat whenever you’re swinging through the city.

spider-man fantastic four

Something ‘Fantastic’ is Coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man

Whatever it is, it will definitely be Fantastic.

PS4 sales playstation 4 sales console

PlayStation 4 Sales Exceed 91 Million After Strong Holiday, Spider-Man at Over 9 Million Sold

This makes it the fourth highest selling console of all time.

marvel gallery pvc

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s First Marvel Gallery PVC Statue Is Available for Preorder

The figure will begin shipping in May 2019.

Marvels Spider-man silver linings review

Marvel’s Spider Man: Silver Lining DLC Review – Don’t Leave Me Hanging (PS4)

That’s a wrap.

UK Game Sales

Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Japanese Developers’ Game of the Year

You’ll never guess which game beat Splatoon 2 in the top 10.


This Marvel’s Spider-Man Glitch Lets You Crawl on Thin Air

This is either a glitch or a super elaborate mime routine.

Spider-man Sam Raimi Suit

Spider-Man’s Sam Raimi Suit Was in the Works for a While But Devs Weren’t Allowed to Say Anything

Insomniac’s Community Manager continues to face harassment.

Marvels Spider-man the city that never sleeps DLC expansions giveaway

Win a Code for Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps Expansion Pack – PSLS Giveaway

Continue your adventures as Spider-Man with our holiday giveaway.

silver sable spider man ps4

Find Out Why Silver Sable Made J. Jonah Jameson So Mad in Spider-Man’s Silver Lining DLC

Nothing is safe from Jameson’s fury, not even Spider-Man’s suits.

fastest selling superhero game

Marvel’s Spider-Man Becomes the Fastest-Selling Superhero Game in the US

Beating out the likes of Batman: Arkham titles and LEGO superhero games.

Spider-man Sam Raimi Suit

The Highly-Requested Sam Raimi Suit Is Now in Marvel’s Spider-Man

You can finally pretend you’re Toby Maguire.

spider man ps4 comic

Marvel’s Spider-Man Will Get Its Own Comic in 2019

Spidey’s here to take over the world.

Spiderman Silver Lining Release Date

Spider-Man Silver Lining DLC Release Date and Into: The Spider-Verse Tie-in Revealed

Silver Sable is back and means business.

spider man dlc

The Scary Thing About Spider-Man DLC

Spider Man DLC; good, but…

spider-cop suit

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Spider-Cop Is Officially Canon

He’s a grizzled police vet, with a mustache to match.

Marvels spider-man turf wars review DLC 1

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Turf Wars DLC Review – Retreading Ground (PS4)

This villain’s a bit hard headed.

spider-man turf wars trailer

Find Out Why Hammerhead Is Facing J. Jonah Jameson’s Fury in Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Turf Wars

Of course, Spider-Man also gets Jameson’s ire.