Free Realms “Definitely” Coming to PS3 After Mac Support

Since its conception, Sony Online Entertainment has promised the release of the free-to-play MMORPG Free Realms on the PlayStation 3. Thanks to delays, the colorful MMO has yet to hit the console market. Fortunately for console owners, SOE has went on record to reassure gamers that Free Realms for PS3 is coming soon despite it’s latest announcements.

Along with announcing a Mac version of Free Realms, senior of public relations from SOE put PS3 fans at ease. According to Taina Rodriquez from Sony Online Entertainment the game is still aimed to hit Sony’s current generation console:

Free Realms is still definitely coming to PS3. We haven’t announced a release date, but Free Realms for PS3 will be coming soon. The development team has been working to optimize play experience on both the Mac and PS3 versions.”

While the red flag is expected to come down on the fact that Free Realms for Mac is expected to release before the PS3 version, one must consider that the porting process from PC to Mac is likely more straightforward than building a whole console version integrated into the PlayStation Network. In other words, the wait shouldn’t be much longer.