Final Fantasy Agito XIII Halfway through Summon

It has been a long wait for many of us since the announcement of Final Fantasy: Agito XIII for the PSP, and we are happy to report that the game is almost halfway done. While the wait continues until release, it’s now official that Square Enix is far along in the development cycle.

During this week on Square Enix’s 3rd Birthday feed, director Hajime Tabata posted a tweet concerning FF Agito XIII.

“As for Agito, the event scenes have yet to come, but the real time parts have a fair bit completed.”

Tabata also revealed that the event scenes will be handled by the same team that worked on Crisis Core, meaning we should be in for quite the presentation. He even went on to say that the team working on 3rd Birthday will be moving over to help with Agito once they are done. Final Fantasy Agito XIII will be at the Tokyo Game Show this month in Grand Square Enix fashion, which means a trailer is going to be shown.