Speculation: Additional Features in 2.40

Disclaimer:  Anything in this post is pure speculation.  This article is for fun only, and should not be taken seriously.  This is not us reporting news, this is us talking about what else could possibly be in FW 2.40.  I know lately we have brought you insider info (before anyone else) but this is not inside info, this is just my speculation.

With so many features pretty much confirmed coming in Firmware 2.40, it leads me to wonder what else does Sony have up its sleeve?

Many people involved with providing info about FW 2.40 such as Jim from NeoGaf…

And EvilOne (a member of NeoGaf and a EA employee)…

… are all stating that there is still more coming in FW 2.40…

Here are some of the features that are left to be implemented, and could possibly be what everyone is talking about, when they say “more is to come”

PSN Profiles:  And I mean real PSN profiles, that are similar to myspace where you can post videos of yourself, show your friends, your game collection, and really go into detail about who you are.  The profile pages could be accessed via the internet browser or the XMB, and could have custom backrounds, let you add music to your page, etc.  The possibilities with this are really endless.

PS Eye XMB Support:  You know… The “Minority Report” features that have been rumored many times, where using the PS Eye, you can use your hands to drag, the XMB icons, and access different media, all without a controller.  With Tom Clancy’s EndWar supposedly using a similar feature where you use your hands to pan around the battlefield, this feature is definitely something that could be on the way.

Video and Pic Sceen Capture:  With the Japanese game “Mainichi Issh” allowing you to upload videos directly to youtube right from in-game.  This feature could very well be on its way.  Imagine having the ability to upload your most amazing gaming feats to youtube, or capture screenshots of you owning your best buddy in GT:5

Video Service: While I dont think this is coming yet, maybe it will.

Charging Controllers while in stand by: Self explanatory.

Updated PS3 browser functionality: This is needed, the browser still seems pretty barebones to me.

Well thats pretty much all I could think of…  This 2.40 firmware update is shaping up to revolutionize the PS3 experience.  Sony wasnt kidding that there would be less FW updates, but they would be MUCH more significant.

Is there anything we missed that you would like to see?

Please comment below…