Announcing The “PlayStation 3 Theme Creation Contest” – Win a Copy of GT5: Prologue

First Prize is a copy of GRAN TURISMO 5: PROLOGUE on Blu-Ray disc.

Contest Ends June 20th

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Hello, and welcome to the “PS3 Theme Creation Contest

Here is your chance to show the PlayStation Community your talented creations and WIN GRAN TURISMO 5: PROLOGUE.

All you have to do is create your own PlayStation 3 theme, upload it, and post to it link in your comment or in the forums along with your email address.

We encourage you to use the newly posted tutorial on the Official PlayStation Blog, to create your own custom theme, and then upload it here in our forums.   *Note: Links are provided at the bottom of the article.

Alternatively, for those of you who do not want to register to our forums (we highly recommend you do) you can choose to upload your custom theme to or any other file hosting site and post a link in your comments along with your email address (so we can contact the winner with their prize!!).

For whoever chooses to leave their submission in our comments, I will be personally posting your submission(s) to our forums, along with the name you post your comments with.  So everyone has a completely fair chance at winning the prize….  GRAN TURISMO 5: PROLOGUE on Blu-Ray disc.

The future of gaming is user-generated content, and we here at PlayStationLifeStyle fully embrace that, and have high hopes, that you, our readers will too.

So show the world, and the whole PlayStation community your talented creations and WIN!!!

Contest Rules:

No X rated content

Must be your OWN ORIGINAL creation (meaning you submit a theme you found on the net)

Must be a NEW creation, you cant just submit a something you created 3 months ago.  (We will be actively checking the PS3 theme sites, to double check our top rated submissions before choosing a winner)

Anyone can enter, and you can enter as many themes as you like, in fact we encourage you to enter as many themes as possible.

Have fun!!!

The contest ends June 20th so get CREATING…

Dont miss out on your chance to show off your theme creating skills, and WIN GT5:Prologue


PlayStation LifeStyle Official Contest Thread

Theme Creation Tutorial from the Official PlayStation Blog

PlayStation LifeStyle Forums

Thanks for participating, and GOOD LUCK!!!