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Rumor: Warhawk v1.4 to Include New Game Modes (Hero & Collection) [UPDATE]

June 24, 2008Written by StalkingSilence

We don’t know much about the version 1.4 patch being worked on for Warhawk right now, besides that it will include minimum rank options and further enhance game-launching from within PlayStation Home.  In fact, we hadn’t heard much about Warhawk v1.4 in a while… until now.

One user, Gnob, on the forums [UPDATE: post deleted] showed screen captures (presumably from Home’s updated game-launching interface):

Warhawk Launching from Home

The “Play List” option allows for the original modes (CTF, Deathmatch, etc.) but also introduces new modes: Hero mode and Collection mode.  Should be interesting to see what kind of gameplay changes are on the way.

NOTE: I don’t have access to the Home beta so I don’t feel like posting these images is breaking the NDA.  We are reporting a story leaked by another user.