PlayStation Home Developer’s “Home space”

Today, I had the chance to get some hands on time with PlayStation Home.  The version of Home that I was using had some Developer “Home” spaces up and running.

These spaces were Warhawk, Resistance, and Uncharted.

What I saw in the Warhawk space was a military base, complete with Warhawk “Sand Tables” used to plan out your clan’s strategy before entering the match.  From there, you could also launch Warhawk, among some other things.

I also got a chance to see, the Home space for Resistance Fall of Man which you basically got to walk around stages from the game, like they were a museum.  Unfortunately the Resistance space was having some server problems and was taken down before I could get some pics.

Lastly, I saw Uncharted’s space, which looked like the inside of a cabin, it had all kinds of things from the game, such as framed pictures of the cast, and a artifact room where you could view all of the hidden artifacts that can be found while playing Uncharted.  There was also a 2D version of the game.