PlayStation LifeStyle Humor Pt 1

Written by Sev1512


The following article is for fun only, and not to be taken seriously by any means.

Breaking News!!!!  Megaton!!!!

New PS3 game announced for the very first time!

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Bob Ross High Definition Painting


  • 1080p Full HD Resolution, experience more vivid colors than ever before!
  • 7.1 DTS-MA Audio so you can actually hear those “happy little clouds”
  • Online Leaderboards so you can show off who painted the “BEST” mountain
  • Full trophy support…  Can you mix paints like the master?
  • SIXAXIS motion sensing: Play like you would paint!
  • DualShock 3 support.  As your arm gets tired, the controller rumbles throwing off your “stroke”
  • YouTube uploading so you can show off your “work of art”

We don’t make mistakes here, we have happy accidents” – Bob Ross

I really hope you guys found this funny, I have no idea where I got this pic, but I was browsing “my pictures” on my PC and noticed the pic. I just had to show it off. If anyone can find out who made this pic, please let me know as they deserve the credit for this.

Funniest part…I would ACTUALLY buy this! I was a huge Bob Ross fan, back in the day. I used to watch him on Saturday mornings.