Naughty Dog Talks Trophies

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
ThreeSpeech Interview
ThreeSpeech Interview

Once again our good friends at Three Speech have gotten the chance to spend some time with a developer. This time it is Naughty Dog. Richard Lemarchand talks about what it took to integrate XMB trophies into Uncharted’s medal system, mentions Home, the company’s upcoming project, and how multi-platform titles will eventually shine on the PS3.

Naughty Dog’s medal system was created with the PSN trophy system in mind. (It pays to be a developer). So how exactly did the process of integrating the two systems take place?

Lemarchand explains the background to Uncharted’s retro-fitted support for Trophies: “While we were finishing Uncharted, we were already thinking ahead to some kind of Trophy system for the PlayStation Network, so we created the Medal system, where players could win Medals for making certain amazing accomplishments in the game: whether it was getting three enemies with a single grenade, or stealth-killing five dudes from behind, and so on.”

“So when the Cross Media Bar Trophy system was announced and we got the development code for it, it was super-easy for us to dovetail our Medal system with the Trophy system. And before we knew it, we had it working.”

Lemarchand pulled out some screenshots to demonstrate: “This is our medal system in Uncharted, so he has just killed three enemies with one grenade. He gets the Dyn-O-Might Medal. We hooked it up so that a few seconds after you get the Medal, you get the Trophy notification. In order to get this, you have to download the patch, so you go to the PSN site and Patch/Uncharted. Then you can win Trophies for any Medal that you haven’t yet unlocked.”

Please go over to Three Speech and read the rest of the interview. It is very detailed and only makes me wish that they would hurry up and announce the next Naughty Dog project.