Secretive New Warhawk Content Details

Written by stalkingsilence
Warhawk remains as one of the most supported PS3 games after its initial release

If a *leaked* trophy list over at GameFAQs is to be believed, we have some pretty exciting content coming our way in the next few weeks.  My understanding is that in addition to the v1.5 patch coming on August 27, 2008 (which includes trophy support and in-game custom soundtracks), there will be a new expansion pack ($$) available for download soon after.

The free updates to the game will include:

  • Trophy support
  • Custom soundtracks
  • New game mode: Training (includes Vehicle Combat Training, Ground Combat Training, and Warhawk Combat Training)

The new expansion pack ($$) will include:

  • New Map: Tau Crater
  • New Vehicle: Jet Pack (probably for exclusive use in the Tau Crater expansion)

This is pretty exciting, game-changing stuff.  Stay tuned as I’m sure we’ll hear from Dylan Jobe soon!