Qore Episode 3 Tomorrow Includes Resistance 2 Beta

Written by Sev1512

While Qore Episode 3 does indeed offer “premier access” to the Resistance 2 Beta, the actual Beta is currently planned for a “late September” release.

Another thing to note, is that the premier Resistance 2 Beta, is currently only being offered to Qore annual subscribers.

Gamers in Europe will get a chance to get in the Resistance 2 Beta, but will not be able to do so through North America’s Qore.

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DC Universe Online

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New Downloadable Content

If you purchase Qore Episode 03, or an annual subscription, you are in for a real treat – with premier access to the Resistance 2 Public Beta. In addition, we’ve got an all-new PS3 Qore theme and new annual subscribers will also get Calling All Cars, the full game, for free!