Qore Subscribers Already Receiving Uncharted 2 Beta Codes


If your a Qore subscriber go check your inbox!  Some Qore annual subscribers have reported they are already receiving the Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta Code.  Don’t get too excited, as the code doesn’t work until June 3rd when the beta testing starts.

One of Qore’s major selling points is early access to demos.  Many users were complaining they weren’t getting their codes fast enough or not at all.  So it’s good to see they have gotten their act together by getting these very important codes out almost a month ahead of time.

Good business strategy for them the include something so major as a perk of subscribing to Qore, just as day one subscribers of the online interactive magazine subscriptions are about to expire.  Having access to betas and other downloads such as games, or early access to demos is incentive enough to renew for another year.