Final Fantasy XIII Agito Info

Written by Chris Rah Osiris

Final Fantasy XIII Agito’s announcement for the PSP was a pleasant surprise. Did you want to know why Square Enix decided to bring this title to the PSP? Technology. Square Enix said that the company could not wait for cell phone technology to advance to the point where a title such as Final Fantasy XIII Agito would be possible. Aren’t you happy you bought that PSP?

Now for the Final Fantasy XIII Agito info:

  • Support for Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure
  • Up to 3-player multiplayer
  • There will be several characters in your party
  • You can control summons
  • Based on the above info, you know there are summons in the game. 😉
  • FFXIII Agito will be using Crisis Core’s ATB system. An advanced version of course.

I was going to purchase the title because I am a Final Fantasy fan. I am now going to purchase the title because it sounds like this will be an amazing game. Not that there was any reason to doubt that it would be an amazing game in the first place. Anyone else impressed?