PSP-3000 Includes more Than a Microphone and Improved Screen [Update]

Written by stalkingsilence

PlayStation LifeStyle decided to take a look at what the hidden differences may be in the Updated Slim PSP-3000 model.  There may be more changes than you are hearing about…

Comparing the info at the bottom of the PSP-3000 SCEA press release with the info from the current PSP-2000 support page, we were able to spot a few key differences.  Aside from the greatly increased contrast ratio, we found:

PSP-2000 Slim PSP-3000 Updated Slim
Weight 280g 189g w/ battery 189g w/ battery
Video Output Progressive TV support Progressive TVs supported, interlace format support via separate cables
Audio Input External headset / microphone required Microphone built-in
Key/Switches HOME button HOME button replaced with PS Button
Source PSP Support SCEA Press Release

Does the Updated Slim PSP-3000 really weigh that much less?  It’s probably a typo or some “eyeballed” weight guesses.  But we’re hoping to get clarification from Sony.  [Update: It appears Sony never updated the PSP information page to show the updated weight when the PSP-2000 was released.]

Sony briefly explained the improved video out support:

“Further expanding PSP’s entertainment capabilities, the video-out port is also expanded to output gameplay in interlace format, which will allow new PSP users to enjoy games on non-progressive TVs by using separately sold cables. With the current “slim and light” PSP, games can be displayed on progressive TVs only.”

We can’t wait to get hands on with the new model when it hits stores on October 14, 2008 in North America.

Update 2: There are several other “minor” changes which GamingBits has found.  We let them know about the interlaced video output support as well.  Here is a picture from their article:

GamingBits shows the subtle differences
GamingBits shows the subtle differences