LittleBigDecision: Where To Pre-Order LBP?

Written by Sev1512

With LittleBigPlanet set to be the biggest gaming hit this holiday season, retailers are catching on and trying to ride it’s success. Each major retail chain has it’s own LittleBigPlanet pre-order goodies.

PlayStation LifeStyle takes a look at each pre-order offer, and we’ll help you pick the one that’s best for you…


Best Buy

Pre-order at Best Buy if you…

  • love Heavenly Sword
  • have flowing red hair
  • best friend’s name is Kai

Circuit City

Pre-order at Circuit City if you…

  • love stickers
  • want to make a custom LBP lunchbox
  • usually “stick” with Circuit City


Pre-order at GameStop if you…

  • are a God of War fanatic
  • are a son of Zeus
  • have been to Hades and back


Pre-order at Amazon if you…

  • love guides
  • are named Brady
  • take advantage of “Super Saver FREE Shipping”


Pre-order at GameCrazy if you…

  • are a fan of potato sack races
  • like to play with sacks
  • love burlap (Sorry we ran out of clever puns)