Trophy Guide – PAIN

PAIN launched on November 27th of 2007 in the US and March 20th of this year in the EU, since then it has received numerous downloadable content, both free and premium.  But none compares to the amount released upon the public on September 11, 2008.  Not only did PAIN receive a new (premium) location but it also gained support for Trophies.  Both of these had been largely asked for by the PAIN community.

Initially a release of September 4th was planned for these, but due to overwhelming criticism of the Trophies the release was delayed to tone down the difficulty some.  8 of the 17 Trophies for PAIN are included with the Base game, 3 require character purchases and 6 more require the purchase of the Abusement Park addon.

–Requires Scurv Dogg and a Female character–

King of Pain (Gold): Get all Trophies in Downtown plus Trill and Grenade-A-Maid

– You’ll need to earn all the in-game Trophies for Downtown along with the XMB Trophies Trill and Grenade-A-Maid.

Affliction Addiction (Gold): Get One 100 ,000,000 points in Downtown

– This 100,000,000 is cumulative and is across all Downtown modes.  Just keep at it and you’ll have it before you know.

–Requires Abusement Park–

Rodeo Clown (Silver)
: Use Ed to Explode 500 barrels in Clown Toss

– You’ll need to use Ed while playing Clown Toss.  The higher difficulties provide more barrels but are a bit harder to do.  It should be noted that you actually need to toss the clown into the barrels and not just have Ed shoot into them.

Herder Dick’s Balls (Silver): Get all of Dicks Balls in the Block Party Dumpster without resetting the scene

– This one is a bit tougher but with patience and practice you can pull it off.  To the left of the construction site you’ll see a billboard on top of a building with four balls on it, and if you shoot over that building you’ll notice two dumpsters behind it.  These are ‘Dick’s Balls’ and the dumpster referred to.  When you land a ball in the dumpster you’ll know it as you’ll hear a loud ‘chaching’ sound to notify you.  The Golf Ball and Soccer Ball should be fairly straight forward if you guide yourself correctly and grab from the top, but you’ll need to ooch to the left on the Soccer Ball.  For the Tennis ball grab it from the right and try to rest it on top of the building, reset the launcher and then grab the Tennis ball from the top.  You’ll need to ooch to the left at least once and maybe twice to get it into the dumpster.  The Football is the toughest and the one that causes the most amount of trouble.  Some people grab the ball from the top and land on the explosive to shoot the ball over the sign while others like to do the same trick as the Tennis Ball.  Using the explosive takes a little more skill and luck, but placing the football on the roof tends to be the easier of the two.  Just as a reminder, if you are not going to make the dumpsters you can use your super-ooch for a nice burst and and and additional four ooches.

– Watch this video.

– I find it worth noting that the saying ‘without resetting the scene’ means you must do it on your first attempt.  If you fail you will need to exit Block Party and return.

–Requires Scurv Dogg or Hung Lo–

Trill (Silver): Get PAINful Bullseye Trophy with Scurv Dogg or Hung Lo

– For this you need to earn the PAINful Bullseye in-game Trophy with either Scurv Dogg or Hung Lo.  To do this you must get 5 Bullseye in Mime Toss on PAINful difficulty.  Use R1 to Reset to Launcher if it looks like your Mime won’t get a bullseye.  Try to get the closest panes of glass first then the ones directly infront of you on the building.

– You can actually earn PAINful Bullseye with any other character then get a single Bullseye with Scurv Dogg or Hung Lo for the Trophy.

–Requires Abusement Park–

2 Mill Club (Silver): Get “PAIN in the Park” and “D-Town Destruction”

– Earn both “PAIN in the Park” and “D-Town Destruction” XMB Trophies for this Trophy.

– It is worth noting that the actual requirements are to earn 2 Million points in the four associated setups within a single gamesave and NOT simply earning the XMB Trophies.  You can also earn this before earning ‘D-Town Destruction’ if you use a previous game save that had 2 Million in PAINdemonium and Aftermath.

– Because of the above stipulation it is possible to earn both of the required Trophies and not earn this, this will occur if you do not save your game after earning one of the required two Trophies, in which case you would have to repeat one level.

–Requires Abusement Park–

Ninja pwn (Silver): Hit the Target Stuffed Ninja in every Abusement Park mode

– There is a Stuffed Ninja hidden in each of the Abusement Park modes, you’ll need to hit each to unlock this Trophy.  Remember, you can use the Free Cam to easily find their locations.

— Abusement Park: To the left of the initial launcher position you’ll see an old western town in the distance.  In the town there is a water tower, the Stuffed Ninja is inside this.  You’ll need to shoot and grab the lid and pull it off first, afterwords just make your way inside for the Stuffed Ninja.

— Afterhours: It is to the left and a little behind the Volcano.  Grab onto one of the rocks where the Deuces Wild ride goes under them and slowly slide your way around the Volcano.

— Clown Toss Normal: Located behind the kid to right of the Tilt-A-Hurl.

— Clown Toss Hard: The Stuffed Ninja is located in the ‘Fast and the Prepubescent’ hut.  To reach it shoot the purple barrels directly infront of the launcher and ooch towards the hut.

— Clown Toss Painful: The Stuffed Ninja is located on the Roller Coaster tracks, near where the coaster disappears.

— Clown Toss Platinum: Standing in plain sight, if you know where to look.  He is standing to the front of the Volcano.  Shoot and hit the volcano and ooch your way around to him.

— Hot And Cold Normal: There is a small hole to the left of ‘Lickasaurus’ hidden behind some hay bails. Shot yourself through there and on your way out the bottom you’ll find the Stuffed Ninja who was hiding in the tunnel.

— Hot And Cold Hard: Turn the launcher around so that you are aiming toward the entrance and aim as high and with maximum power.  Push forward as soon as you launch and you’ll hit a sign and fly up to three air vents.  The Stuffed Ninja is located between the two vents on the right.

— Hot And Cold Painful: This one is located inside ‘The Fast and The Prepubescent’ ‘building.’  Aim low and with little power to grab this little one.

— Hot and Cold Platinum: Remember the water tower where we found a Stuffed Ninja earlier?  This one is located behind the billboard to the right of that water tower.  Shoot for the Roller Coaster tracks and ooch toward the billboard.  When you hit the wall super ooch toward the billboard and hopefully you’ll get behind it and get the Stuffed Ninja.

— Trauma Normal: To the right of ‘DA BOMB’ is a little boarded up tunnel.  Smash your way through the boards and down the tunnel.  On your return trip out you’ll have some company.

— Trauma After Hours: This one is in the left most tunnel of the Volcano.  You’ll need to shoot maximum power and angle and then ooch/super ooch your way into the Volcano.  The vent you need is to the front left.  On occasion your character will miss the Ninja somehow, I suggest using different characters if the problem persists.

— Fun With Explosives: There is a ‘Fun Spot’ sign behind where you launch from in a Normal game.  Use your first shot to break the sign and the second to easily hit the Stuffed Ninja.

— Call Da Shot: The Stuffed Ninja is located inside of the Security Stand behind ‘an alien invasion.’

Dude Abides (Bronze): Use “The Dude” to score 30 Strikes in Bowling

– First you must unlock “The Dude” by bowling 12 games.  After that you just need to bowl 30 strikes while using “The Dude,” he is the third costume for Jarvis.  Once you find a sweet-spot you can repeat the shot for some pretty easy Strikes.  In the case one or two of the Pins/Mimes don’t go down you can also ooch into them.  This is accumulative across all games and players.

D-Town Destruction (Bronze): Get 2,000,000 score in PAINdemonium and Aftermath

– You’ll need to score 2,000,000 points in a single run in both PAINdemonium and Aftermath for this Trophy.  Use the vehicles to your advantage, if they run over you try to get out from underneath them so that you do not wreck them unless you are close to getting your score.  In that case grab on and hope for an explosion, or two.

— PAINdemonium: My personal tip for this one is to shoot yourself down into the subway.  On the other side of the entrence are some boxes and a vent.  Hit as many of those boxes as you can (multiplier) and make your way into the vent.  As you get shot out you may need to ooch to avoid hitting some obsticles.  After being shot out you should land in the construction yard which is littered with explosive crates.

— Aftermath: For this one some like to do as above, alternatively you could ride the Train that comes through shortly after a reset into the construction yard.  For this one I preferred to stay on the road and use the cars for multiple body afflictions and a decent amount of points.

–Requires Abusement Park–

PAIN in the Park (Bronze): Get 2,000,000 score in Abusement Park and After Hours

– There are a couple spots in the Abusement Park where you can continuously wrack up distance points, however there does seem to limit.  If you hit that limit then you’ll need to up your combo by one before you will start earning distance points again.  These locations are the Tilt-A-Hurl and Deuces Wild.

— Abusement Park: Shoot yourself at the Hurl-A-Whirl sign and fall inside it.  Occasionally you will get stuck and bring in a large amount of distance points, though eventually these will taper off.  If you do get stuck you’ll eventually get unstuck by what seems like a jump of the Hurl-A-Whirl (don’t ask how).  From here hopefully you’ll be shot to either the nearby vent or the Deuces Wild river.  If you make your way to the vent try to aim yourself to the Deuces Wild river or ‘The Fast and the Prepubescent’ mini-racers, at which point you should get hit by all three racers then make your way to the river.  Now once you are in the river keep ooching up it (towards the Tilt-A-Hurl).  The water will keep you moving so that your ooch will refill.  You’ll earn a good bit of distance points here, should they taper off ooch into another object (log) and repeat your travels upstream.  You could aternately grab onto a log and ride to the top to keep moving.

— After Hours: Repeat as above. Note that you’ll need to grab the lever to start the Tilt-A-Hurl.

Combo Mambo (Bronze): Get 15x Combo in PAINdemonium, Aftermath, Block Party and Demolition

– You’ll need to pick up 15x combos in each of the Downtown areas.  Here score doesn’t matter.  If you keep getting run over by cars they can occasionally cause bodily harm which increases your multiplier.  However to keep this up you’ll need to prevent yourself from staying under a car for too long to a point that it wrecks.  To do this it’s easiest to get the car to run over and arm or leg.

–Requires Abusement Park–

Horsin’ a Clown (Bronze): Take the Clown for a ride on the Roller Coaster

– In Clown Toss first throw the clown into a few barrels so that you pick up a few Pimp Slaps. Now launch and grab the Clown from the right and toss it towards ‘DA BOMB.’  If you time it right then one of the bombs on the ride will shoot the Clown straight up towards the roller coaster tracks.   Pimp Slap the clown so that he either hits the roller coaster car or lands on the tracks and stays there.  If he stays on the tracks the coaster will hit him on the next time around.

–Requires Abusement Park–

Glutton (Bronze): Make 30 “Eat It!” shots in “Call Da Shot”

– Call a shot with two items close together.  Have the challangee shoot then immediately reset.  Select ‘Eat It!’ and then make the shot with the Challenger.  Repeat this 29 more times and the Trophy is yours.

Constipated (Bronze): 100th Strike

– Bowl 100 strikes using any characters.  This is accumulative across all games, players and characters.

PAIN and Mane (Bronze): Play 100 Games of Trauma or Horse

– Play a game to one letter.  Repeat 99 more times.

Attention Spam (Bronze): Get every type of PAIN (Groin, Head, Arm, Hand, Leg, Foot and Body) combo in PAINdemonium, Aftermath, Block Party and Demolition

– Make yourself a checklist.  The PAIN show up as red icons and are pretty self explanatory, the only that isn’t is Body which looks like someone holding their back.  These don’t need to be done on a single run, so once you get one type you can mark it off.  After you get them all for one area move on to the next.

–Requires a Female Character–

Grenade-A-Maid (Bronze): Get Exploded 200 times in Downtown Fun With Explosives (Single or multiplayer) playing any female character.

– You’ll need to hit 100 explosives with any female character.  You actually have to hit the crates, ones hit by other objects do not count toward your total.


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