Burnout Trophy Patch Released! Disappointment Ensues! [Update]

Written by Phoenix8387

You read right, the Burnout Paradise trophy patch is now live.  However, don’t get your hopes up for an insta-Platinum as it appears that during the testing phase it became evident that rewarding Trophies retroactively just wasn’t going to be feasible [Insert audio of thousands of BP fans screaming in agony here]. Admittedly, the Trophy list for Burnout Paradise is a bit on the easier side, with the single toughest being the Burnout License which involves winning only 90 events, which compared to the Elites ~180 seems like child’s play.

For those who are looking for the Platinum and are intent keeping their old saves intact, might I suggest backing up your save then starting a new one.  When you have all the Trophies you can simply copy your old save over and go about your business.

Also a reminder, you can use the PS3 Exclusive ‘My Paradise Map‘ savegame analyzer for help finding those missing gates, jumps, billboards and events.

Expect a Trophy Guide within the coming week!

[Update] The Trophy update is now live in NA.