New White Knight Story Details

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
The JRPG we have been waiting for
The JRPG we have been waiting for

White Knight Story is bringing a lot to RPG deprived PS3 owners. Initial reports said that the game would be 50+ hours long and then we heard it would be in 1080p. Those reports were half wrong. The game will be over 100 hours long and will be in 1080p. So much for that huh? Keep reading, it gets better and better.

Remember hearing about those comparisons to Monster Hunter? Yea, they did not register with many of us instantly either. Apparently you will be able to play this game over PSN. Yes, online co-op. This is currently being called the “Live Mode.” You can make parties of up to 4 players and meet in town squares where there can be as many as 16 players. The story mode is still a single player experience.

It took all of my power not to punch the wall out of pure excitement. Am I wrong for importing this game and then buying it again when it is released stateside? I sure hope a firm US and Europe release date is given soon. We would like a White Knight Christmas too.