White Knight Chronicles Event

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Leonard, is that you?
Leonard, is that you?

Sony had a special event for White Knight Chronicles. There was a great deal of information that was released during this event. Specifically you get the story, the character names, and more information about the online and offline modes. Not a bad thing if you ask me. Here is a quick rundown of what was learned:

  • The main character’s name is Leonard
  • There are 3 knight suits in the game: White, Black, and Dragoon
  • Story: you’ll be saving a princess
  • There is interaction between the offline and online modes

That last point is definitely one of the most intriguing. You will be able to create your own character that will accompany Leonard on his journey. This same character will be able to go online and play with friends. Do not worry about spending too much time online, your character is able to keep all experience, items, and money that is gained online and use it in the offline game.

Level 5 is promising more information in the coming months. There is not much time until the December 25th release date. Sadly, there has not been a US or European release date given as of yet. Oh well, just import it.