Gotham Knights Multiplayer

Sony Stealthily Corrects Gotham Knights Four-Player Co-Op Entry on PlayStation Store

Sony has silently changed the Gotham Knights co-op entry on the PlayStation Store from four-player down to two-player support. It looks like Sony made a mistake, which led fans to hope that WB Games had a change of plans. The developer previously announced two-player co-op only.

Gotham Knights co-op was always designed for two players

Gotham Knights Multiplayer

As spotted by Reddit, Gotham Knights PS Store entry mentioned support for up to four players online, though some users at the time believed that this wasn’t correct or that the game might have a survival mode that could include four players. WB Games Montreal had delayed the game for a year to give its team more time to “deliver the best possible experience for players,” so it was considered a possibility that something new was added in the interim. After all, the developer only just confirmed that the game is no longer going to be launching on PS4 and Xbox One.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as the official PSN entry has been altered to state that Gotham Knights only “supports up to two online players with PS Plus.” A new gameplay trailer showcasing Nightwing and Red Hood follows through with this as no more than two heroes are ever seen at the same time in the footage. The trailer also shows off both superheroes eliminating the same group of enemies, pursuing a van of gang members, and following each other throughout the city with an easy-to-see marker hovering over a teammate.

Given that Gotham Knights features four characters — Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin — it made sense that fans would assume that four-player co-op was a given. That said, having the developer focus on two-player co-op will lessen the load on the multiplayer servers and more easily allow for smaller areas to be integrated into a city with cramped alleyways and buildings.

In other news, Sony is investing $300 million to release first-party games on multiple platforms, and EA has rebranded the FIFA series as EA Sports FC without the expensive license.