Lords of the Fallen 2023

Lords of the Fallen Roadmap Revealed

Developer Hexworks revealed its plans for Lords of The Fallen’s future. A newly released roadmap includes new quests, items, spells, attacks, and other community-requested features. The studio is also working on improvements to performance, stability, balance, and more.

Lords of the Fallen is getting a variety of new content

Hexworks shared its roadmap as part of a press release on November 7. The roadmap includes both regular weekly patches and more extensive content updates. The former includes stability and performance updates, save-game fixes, and quality-of-life improvements. The soulslike’s developer is also working on co-op and PvE improvements. The latter is also the focus of Hexworks’s gameplay rebalancing, though developers are also increasing boss difficulty.

Lords of the Fallen Roadmap

As for the rest of the roadmap, Hexworks has already launched Lords of the Fallen’s Halloween event and mob density reduction. Two further events are on their way before the end of this year, but the studio hasn’t revealed specifics. The game is also getting two Spell Packs and new Grievous Strikes. Players are also getting an Inventory expansion, a Stash expansion, and gamepad rebinding. In addition, Lords of the Fallen is getting more PvE and PvP rebalancing and a New Game+ mode.

Furthermore, Hexworks is adding four new questlines to Lords of the Fallen before the new year. At least one of them appears to be one of the events mentioned in the press release. The other three questlines will feature new armor sets for players to acquire. Among them are the candle-studded Radia Armor, bony Umbral Armor, and barbaric Rhogar Armor.

Lords of the Fallen fans also don’t have long to wait for the new content. According to Hexworks’ press release, these new features are coming before the end of December.