Top 5 Most Needed Firmware Features

Written by Sev1512

With firmware 2.50 released, the PlayStation 3 has become a much more well rounded, functional home entertainment hub.  So what else can Sony improve upon the PS3 with future firmware updates?

The following list is PlayStation LifeStyle’s top 5 most needed firmware features

#5) In-Game Web Browser

Say you are trying to get that particularly tough trophy, and you wanted to check a PlayStation LifeStyle Trophy Guide.  Or if you are stuck at a frustrating boss fight, that you just cannot win, then you can search for a strategy at Gamefaqs.  Not a major feature, but useful nonetheless.

#4) Background Installing

Honestly, this might be just MY most needed feature.  But I can’t help but think many of you are in the same boat as me.  I barely have any time to game anymore, so when I sit down to spend some time on my PS3, I don’t want to waste that time waiting for games, demos, etc to install.  I almost never play demos, unless it’s a game that I already plan on buying.  Otherwise i just won’t even bother installing them, how do I know if these demos are worth my valuable time?  Even if I cannot game during the install, that’s fine, but at least let me browse the web or listen to some tunes.

#3) HDD Management

This is sorely needed, it’s bothersome to have to scan through 50 demos, and 30 games, just to get to something I want to play.  I know that you can put games, demos, etc, into folders, or change the way the content is grouped, but c’mon, give me something more like a playlist.  Let me grab and drop the games I play the most at the top of my list.

#2) PSN Music Store

When the PS3 launched, I was impressed with the PS Store.  Now, after a updated look, tons of content, and an added video store, I am feeling a bit spoiled.  Well, Sony needs to spoil me more and let me buy music straight from the PS Store.  This would work well for both the PS3, and for the PSP.  Sure it won’t give iTunes a run for it’s money, but it certainly would be profitable for Sony, and a great service for PlayStation fans.  This would become even more useful, if much more games supported custom soundtracks.

#1) Expanded PSN Profile

This feature is listed as number one because I think the PlayStation community would eat it up.  With the booming popularity of MySpace, and Facebook, PSN could benefit for it’s own social profile page.  Have the PS3 automate some of the page, such as having your “games played” tallied from your game saves.  Other things like “game most played” could be automated as well.  You get the idea.  PS3 users could really benefit from a service like this.  Other than a PSN ID, and what trophies a “friend” has earned, you really don’t know who they are.  This will let PSN users know the person behind the PSN ID.  PlayStation has recently teamed up with YouTube, and google, so this “PSN MySpace” could show a users YouTube PS3 uploaded videos, and a google map of where the “friend” is from.  The potential is endless here.

Well, that’s our list.  Is there something you think is more needed than what we listed?  Discuss in our forums…

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