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PlayStation Vita Update

PlayStation Vita Firmware 3.69 Keeps the Good Times Rolling

Keeping things running smoothly.

PS4 Update 3.50 Adds Ability to Check PSN Status in Settings, Beta Invites Going Out

Sub accounts can play games offline without a master account holder’s permission.

PS4 Firmware Update 3.50 Beta Starts in March, Sign Ups Live

You’ll have to agree to an NDA.

Sony: PS Vita PlayStation Store Issue After Update 3.57 Is Now Resolved

It wasn’t due to the new firmware.

PS3 Update 4.78 & PS Vita Update 3.57 Are Live, Only Remove Facebook Features

No stability in sight.

PlayStation TV & PlayStation Vita Update 3.55, New PlayStation App Update Now Available

Looks like the Vita/TV update fixes the recent exploit.

PS3 Update 4.76 Released Today

You’ll never guess what it does.

Sony Sending out PS4 Firmware Update 3.00 Beta Emails

Check your inbox!

PS4 Firmware Update 2.57 Is Now a Mandatory Download, New Patch Note Detailed

Get it to continue playing online.

PS4 Update 2.57 Now out, Is Optional

More stability!

PS4 Update 2.55 Now Out, is Mandatory

Stabilizing stability…

PS3 Update 4.75 Out Now, is Mandatory

Requires a minimum of 200MB of free space.

PlayStation TV & PS Vita Update 3.51 Out Now (Update)

It’s just a minor update, according to PlayStation Europe.

PS4 Update 2.51 Now Available for Download

Takes up about 245MB.

Sony Says PS4 Update 2.51 Will be Available Today (Update)

But it’s not out yet.

PS4 Update 2.50, PS Vita Update 3.50 Now Available for Download

Read on for further patch notes, tips, download size, and more.

Sony on PS4 Update 2.50: System Back-Up Can’t be Used Selectively, Personalized Button Mapping Doesn’t Carry Over to Share Play

Trophy screenshots are saved locally on your PS4.

PS4 Firmware Update 2.50 Releases Tomorrow, New Features Detailed

There’s a lot more included than just Suspend/Resume.

Sony Answers Questions About PS4 Update 2.50 Features, DLNA, Friend Notifications & More

“We’ll be ready to announce a date soon.”