System Software Update 7.01 is Now Live on the PlayStation 4

System Software Update 7.01, the final firmware update for this year, is now live on the PlayStation 4. While this is mandatory, it does not add any additional features to the system. As is often the case with smaller updates, System Software Update 7.01, according to the patch notes, will “improve system performance.” Of course, this also means the file size is rather minimal, only weighing about 450MB in all. It should be a quick download and install process.

The last update to go live on PS4, Update 7.00, arrived early in October of this year. Unlike today’s 7.01, Update 7.00 brought a few major changes to the system. Most notably, Party Chat features received an overhaul, doubling the number of eight party members in one chat to a total of 16.

In addition, the last major update debuted the chat transcription feature, making PS4 Second Screen capable of converting voice chatter into text. Update 7.00 also saw Android devices receive support for the PlayStation 4’s Remote Play feature, so long as the Android device runs on at least Version 5.0. Finally, changes to PS4’s system software in October made a few notable adjustments for iOS users.

For now, Sony has yet to announce when the next major update may see the light of day on the platform. Moreover, it remains unknown which new features could debut on the system when that day comes. With this console generation quickly coming to a close, the company likely isn’t planning for too many more major changes. It seems fair to assume the vast majority of such energy is now devoted to PlayStation 5, which launches holiday 2020.