Sony Sending out PS4 Firmware Update 3.00 Beta Emails

If you signed up to be a beta participant for PlayStation 4 firmware update 3.00, check your inbox as Sony has begun sending out invites to accepted users in North America and Europe.

Those chosen can expect a code to access the beta forums, as well as this message:

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to help us test out our upcoming 3.00 System Software Update to ensure it’s ready for public use. Your participation in this program is extremely important to us and we look forward to hearing from you on our forums!

Judging from reports, it appears there is also an NDA, restricting you from discussing and/or streaming the new firmware publicly.

Full details about the beta features can be seen over here, but highlights include 10GB online storage capacity increase, a new Events hub, Favorite Groups, Communities, Stickers, and Request to Watch Gameplay.

Also, as PlayStation’s John Koller confirmed last month, “Beta testers will be able to roll back to the previous PS4 system software update (v2.57) anytime.”

Depending on how the beta goes, 3.00 should see a wide release in the next few weeks, with details coming “soon.”

Did you receive a beta invite?

[Source: NeoGAF]