Sony: PS Vita PlayStation Store Issue After Update 3.57 Is Now Resolved

After PlayStation Vita update 3.57 went live last month, users reported issues connecting to the PlayStation Store, with the system’s battery seeming to drain much faster than before. Now, Sony has said that the network issue is fixed.

In a statement sent to Kotaku, Sony said the PS Store problems on PS Vita are fixed, but revealed that they weren’t a result of the new firmware:

The network issue that users experienced on their PS Vita was not due to system software 3.57 and is now resolved. Thank you for your patience.

Further details weren’t given about the network issue, and if you’re still having a problem with your battery life, Sony said, “If users face other issues unrelated to accessing the network, we recommend contacting customer support for assistance.”

According to user reports, the PlayStation Store on Vita is back up and running, while turning off then turning on your PS Vita should resolve the battery life issue.

[Source: Kotaku]